Auto Injury

Involved in an Auto Accident & Unsure What to Do?

A car accident is a scary ordeal and may leave you with more than just a damaged vehicle. Some injuries and pain symptoms from a collision may take days or even weeks to show up. When these symptoms do show up, it is important that you receive the proper evaluation and treatment. If left unchecked, these injuries could lead to long term, or even permanent damage. Our doctors and staff are ready and able to evaluate your injuries and help you understand all options for care and recovery.

What does whiplash feel like and do I have it?

Pain and inflammation as a result of over-stretching of muscle, tendons and ligaments in and around your spine can result in minor to severe symptoms. Intense sharp to dull pain, achiness, numbness, dizziness, headache are all common symptoms that result from auto accident related injuries.

Our doctors are trained not only to detect injury, but also to maximize your body’s natural healing potential. Don’t wait… Within the first 72 hours your body is already starting to lay down the scar tissue that is needed for joint and muscle repair. During this time, and for the next 4-6 weeks, your body is most susceptible to poor healing. Scar tissue can form incorrectly, leading to adhesions that, if left untreated, could decrease mobility and lead to arthritis.

Chiropractic manipulation along with proven physiotherapy equipment such as ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, traction, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Loacl Cryotherapy, cold laser (among others) are utilized by your doctor.

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