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cryo facial

Our cryotherapy facial uses  nitrogen, to smooth the skin and promote healing. We use a wand that emits a burst of nitrogen gently over your face and neck. Our skilled technicians are highly trained specialists that know how to operate the cutting-edge equipment to give you the best results. The technology cools the skin and invigorates the  face increasing blood flow, helps remove toxins, and reduces inflammation.

Cryotherapy helps your face produce more collagen. Many individuals find that the face plumps up and fills out as it did in your twenties when using our treatments. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoother, and your face will often look like you are under less stress. Many clients say that they get a youthful glow with just one weekly maintenance treatment.

Stimulate collagen production

Reduce wrinkles

Tighten the skin

Reduce pore size

Decease puffiness

Alleviate eczema and psoriasis

Increase skin elasticity

Improve blood flow and circulation

Lighten dark areas under the eyes

Alleviate acne

Ease post-surgical pain and discomfort

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