“Let me first give this disclaimer. I DO NOT live in the Cortez, CO area. In fact, I do not live in Colorado.

I live in the Dallas – Fort Worth, TX area where Dr. Jeremy Rosenbaugh went to the Parker College of Chiropractic. For many years I have utilized the chiropractic wellness clinic, where the student interns apply their knowledge and training in a real world clinical environment.

I have had the opportunity to work with many student interns, as well as clinic doctors, over the past five years. This past year, Intern Jeremy Rosenbaugh became my new attending intern.

There is normally a fair amount of hesitancy when you visit a new doctor, or intern in this case. Will he or she treat me correctly? Will I be made to feel like I am his or her most important patient, or am I just another number in the cattle drive to see as many people as possible that day? Is he or she qualified and confident in their abilities? Do they deserve/earn my respect as a paying patient?

From our introduction meeting to our last clinic appointment, I can say, without any doubt, that Dr. Rosenbaugh not only met, but greatly surpassed any doubts, hesitancy or concerns. In fact, I would rate Dr. Rosenbaugh as an excellent intern and the best that I have experienced.

He is thoroughly concerned for the welfare of his patients. He is comprehensive in his evaluation and treatment. He goes the extra mile to remedy the problem. He is dedicated to his patients and their care. He takes the time to understand the problem, as well as offer solutions. He has a positive attitude and will be a great asset to the chiropractic discipline.

I have no doubt that his intern qualities and abilities will carry forward into his professional career. In fact, I searched the web to see where he landed after graduating, and found that he returned home and opened his own practice in Cortez. Congratulations!!!

I think the truest testament, and highest recommendation, that an intern can be given is, would you follow him or her into private practice and allow them to be your chiropractic doctor? There is no question that my intern, Dr. Jeremy Rosenbaugh, has earned that distinction. I only wish he was close enough to do that and I would be a loyal and happy patient.

In closing, I think many current doctors in all professions and fields could learn something from Jeremy’s devotion, enthusiasm, compassion and patient care.”

Allan Smith
Dallas, TX

“There is nothing worse than to watch your child be in pain…and not be able to do anything about it. When our son suffered from severe headaches and Children’s Hospital could only offer drugs (after a battery of tests, they wanted to put on our son on a heavy medication called amitriptyline), we turned to Dr. Rosenbaugh.

After carefully reviewing the CT scans and x-rays, Dr. Rosenbaugh found a minor problem in our son’s neck. After his treatment, our son’s headaches were gone and they never came back. To think we were going to heavily medicate our child over something that Dr. Rosenbaugh was able to fix with his hands is rather frightening.

We feel so blessed to have Dr. Rosenbaugh’s expertise with our son. Since this incident, Dr. Rosenbaugh has also helped our son with his neck/back issues related to being in a marching band. We would highly recommend Dr. Rosenbaugh to anyone and everyone that could benefit from his expertise.”

T. & W. D.
Cortez, CO

“In spite of (or maybe because of) his being a new graduate, the knowledge and competence Dr. Rosenbaugh brings to his treatment of me has been very beneficial. He listens to my description of what is happening to me, explains what he thinks is going on and makes certain that I’m comfortable with his treatment plan. He really makes me feel like I’m his only patient! We are very fortunate to have his medical services available in this area.”

Donna S.
Cortez, CO

“Yes I feel Jeremy is my lifesaver! After going to approximately nine doctors and talking to some of Jeremy’s family members, it was suggested that I go see Jeremy at 4 Corners Chiropractic. My thinking was “Oh great one more doctor.” But because of being such good friends with his family and yet not knowing Jeremy at all. I decided it really could not hurt!

My right leg was extremely swollen, hurting, and I was generally not feeling well at all. I made an appointment and got in quite quickly. Jeremy talked with me for quite a while and then he examed my leg. Not one of the other nine doctors talked (asked questions) or examed my leg the way that Jeremy did. He was highly concerned about my past and how it had been for me. We started doing foot baths with a machine he has and he insisted that I see a cardiologist. In the mean time we continued with the foot baths. (When you are in the office ask Jeremy if you can see my Jar. He will know what you are talking about.) The liquid is almost clear today.

By the way I went to a cardiologist (Dr. Miller). I have leaking valves, high blood pressure in my heart and in my lungs. Bad circulation in general but mainly in my legs causing most of the problems I was experiencing. Yes I feel Jeremy was my lifesaver! The swelling is almost gone and I am feeling a lot better.

Jeremy will answer any question you might have and explain in depth to where it can be understood. Most doctors will not do that. I think they forget we all were not in school with them.

My husband fell recently and hurt his shoulder, he had several things out of place and after several treatments by Jeremy, he is feeling much better.

Jeremy is wonderful!!!! It doesn’t matter what problem you have healthwise, Jeremy will do his best to help. Thank you Jeremy and Steph! You are both great!!!!”

Mary Davis
Cortez, CO